Since the late eighties, I have produced art in many different media, including painting, installation, performance, and drawing. Graphite on marble has been a primary investigation since 2000. The use of marble as a support adds specific content related to the history of architecture: it has been used widely as a material for public monuments, obelisks, statues and temples. Since 1994 I have also developed a series of site-specific wall drawings, which exist on the border between ephemeral art and architecture. Beyond developing my experience with engaging viewer participation, this practice has given me the opportunity to observe the dynamics between viewers and architectural spaces. I need to be aware of the behavior of audiences within the architectural context, considering different points of view, physical access to the work and how to draw attention to the different perspectives offered by the piece. In content, my work repeatedly turns to the architecture of power, taking social history as its main subject. I investigate symbolic representations in architecture, such as recognizable city landmarks and ancient monuments. I compile and distill information codified as iconic images representing historical centers of authority. In doing so, I point to the expressions used by different cultures throughout history which defines the appearance of cities. The collected images and information are used to demonstrate a single overarching language of symbolic architecture. My work becomes an instrument of social and historical analysis. I aim to reveal the convergence of strategies used by different architectural systems, synthesizing a unique form of diverse subliminal aesthetics. My drawings convert these discourses into futuristic landscapes.