I have developed my practice in diverse media and parallel bodies of work. In content, I repeatedly survey the aesthetics of power, taking social history and politics as the main subject-phenomena, where modernity and totalitarianism converge. I collect emblematic representations of architecture, typography and design, aiming to distill codes that consequently merge into a personal abstract iconography that targets to deconstruct empty ideological rhetoric. I have developed an extensive malleable vocabulary that ultimately materializes into traditional pictorial and three-dimensional artifacts. Graphite on marble has been an exclusive investigation since this particular support is related to the history and architecture of power; taking advantage of its attractive appearance, as a bourgeois decoy, to introduce -in equal parts, practical and radical purposes. I have also incorporated into my practice a series of site-specific graphite wall drawings, which exist on the border between ephemeral art and architecture, increasing my involvement with the audience; participating in the dynamics between spectators and architectural spaces, introducing alternatives to activate processes. Persuading our obsession for artifacts, towards the contemplation of empty spaces and actions. My work turns out to be an instrument of social analysis, revealing strategies and convergences, in a unique arrangement of subliminal language. My interests speculate on ideological discourses between utopia and futuristic postulates.