Emptiness | Mediations Biennale


Emptiness | Mediations Biennale 2012 site-specific wall & mutant surface drawing (interventions through the space); Muzeum Narodowe (Mediations Biennale), Poznan, Poland

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“I don’t think anyone really knows impermanence like an artist who sees his/her work removed from an installation like in that video. It is birth through creation and imagination, abiding during the time is is finished and staying/living on the wall, and death when it is being removed or erased from sight. Not just the concept of death, but release or detachment from the grasping to the subject and the object, first person and external.”
“…emptiness…it is the only thing in the universe that is indestructible. When lamas and other practitioners, real practitioners, do practices with visualizations, […] in the beginning it is created out of emptiness and at the end it is dissolved into emptiness. But the entire time emptiness is there, never changing.”
“It’s one of those things that exists even though you either are not aware of it’s presence or don’t believe in it existence to begin with even when some incredible individual person discovers it. And only Buddhas can do this sort of thing. Why? Because they are the only ones who can put it into some form of relative terms/teachings. No one else is capable of discovering such things, and making it so that others can discover it for themselves. They wouldn’t think of something so complex and yet simple.”
Karma Jimpa (Buddhist Monk) June 2013.
“The grandiose scale of Silveira’s installation is countered by Glexis Novoa tiny surrealist graphite wall drawings combining architectural and biomorphic forms that one comes upon here and there in such unexpected places as the edge of a wall or in an out of the way corner.”
Saul Ostrow (Art in America).
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Mix and Match at Meditations Biennale Saul Ostrow, Art in America, October 19, 2012.