untitled | Publikculture


untitled | Publikculture 2001 site-specific installation with graphite wall drawing, the artist’s car windows and a car for sale; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Private Collection, Coral Gables, Florida

The automobile as the quintessential American icon awakens in me a special attraction. The use and vital relationship with this artifact leads me to investigate it from the inside while visiting junkyards 1 discovered that life after their useful lifespan, their “eyes” still retain vitality. The sophisticated appearance of car windows inspire my work, in which 1 disclose my status quo by selling my own car (1980 Plymouth Reliant), at the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale during the exhibition Publickulture (2001). The windows were removed from the car and placed in another section of the installation, integrating and defining the shape of a drawing on the wall.
G. N.