Spiral 2003 site-specific graphite wall drawing in a previously designed space, 20 x 8 x 20 feet; Miami Art Central (later CIFO), Miami

“The artist’s handling of “hyperspace” is impregnated by an action factor central
to his artistic and political system. The total flux of images set against perpetual
horizons is invariably countered by a device introduced to distract or dislocate. In
his 2001 installation at the Miami Art Museum, the drawings on the museum
walls encountered a challenging counterpart in the form of a public telephone.
Visitors could call anywhere in the world for five minutes. Crayons next to the
telephone encouraged callers to write down their comments, typical of the graffiti
of the telephone booths. In this context, the spectator recovered his critical
distance, his individual and collective temporality; instead of simulated illusions,
hypnosis was transformed into action, into experience.”
“In his new installation Espiral, […], Novoa’s concern for an effective artistic
approach finds a vehicle in the physical space itself. The spirally build
environment places the spectator in an ambit that turns in on itself, creating a
continuous walk-through. The device provokes an unexpected dilemma: The
sense of bewilderment encourages a concentrated, penetrating observation of
the images on the simulated panoramas on the circular walls; the recovery of the
time in the notion of transit, […], as a recognition of difference, a blemish on the
smooth skin of the postmodern manner of perception.
Experience inside the spiral: symbol of uncertain origin related to the room, the
golden proportion, cosmic movement, snakes, water, power, the mystic center,
the immobile mover. Man, in dreams and wakefulness, considered his demons’
answer, not allowing himself to be tricked by imposters, discerning and
increasing intelligence in some of the perplexities. He sought for a soul that
deserved to participate in the universe. List and quotes of a modernity loath to
Marcelo Pacheco Chief Curator, Museum of Latin American Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2003