Specific obstacles

Specific obstacles 2012 collaboration with the dancer John Beauregard, site specific installation and drawings on the wall, dimension variables and performance; Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami. (Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation collection)
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“The unexpectedness of “another body” becomes an aesthetic experience, whose the expression of which sets new standards of quality and contrasts starkly with the classic concept of beautiful dance movement.”
Gerda König.For this performance Novoa collaborated with the dancer John Beauregard, to activate the drawings that have been dispersed throughout the installation Specific Obstacles. The drawings have been placed at perspectives which are accessible to John from either his wheelchair, or using other objects to enable his negotiations with the space. During the performance Novoa and Beauregard reveal details and clues as to how other spectators may access the space and drawings as well.This performance was conceived as a ongoing series of events in the space which also included public participation and other guests besides John.
John  Beauregard (b. 1946, Detroit, Michigan) live and skied most of his life in Steamboat Spring, Colorado. He worked as a technical draftsman  in the automobile industry and building contractor, he serve as a project manager to build The Lois Pop LIFE Center for the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. John has been member of Karen Peterson and Dancers since 2000 performing in the Different Ability Festival in Capri, Italy, and Edinburg Festival. In 2004 John traveled to Cologne, Germany to work whit German choreographer Gerda Koning on a project commissioned by Taigertail. John has dance andcollaborate whit Heather Maloney since 2006