A.C.P.O.Z.T. (Afro-Cuban Party Orlando Zapata Tamayo) Archaeological


A.C.P.O.Z.T. (Afro-Cuban Party Orlando Zapata Tamayo) Archaeological 2012 Archeological reconstruction of the original space at Project Row Houses, Houston 2010, site-specific graphite wall drawing & ritual objects, dimensions variable; CIFO (Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation), Miami

In 2010, Novoa was invited to a residency program at Project Row Houses in Houston and for this piece he has reconstructed the house in which he worked. When discussing site-specific projects, he mentions the “archeological idea” and how before recreating A.C.P.O.Z.T., the work “ended at the specific site and the options were either to destroy it or leave in the indefinitely.” By recreating the work at CIFO, he has shifted the definition of site-specifiity and reconstructed the story in a new contecxt to be experienced by the audience in their own way. Because the structure is an exact replica of the space at PRH in Houston, the act of recreating the work becomes a way in wich to share the experiences that windows enable physical and visual access, providing a transparency that reveals and interacts with its exiting context.