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FUNDACION LUDWIG - PLAZA DE LA RAZA | Havana - Los Angeles - Miami

El acercamiento / the approach (group project)
Curated by Evelyn Serrano; Ludwig Foundation, Havana; Boat House Gallery, Plaza de la Raza, Los Angeles & Miami. Mar. 23 - May. 7 - Fall 2016.
Artists, CUBA: Edel Bordon, Lucia Bordon, Paul Bordon, Wendy Coll Cruz, Susana Delahanty Matienzo, Aldeide Delgado Puebla, Michel Deschapell, Lisa Gomez Blanco, Yamil Orlando, Yamile Pardo, Alicia Stone, Ramses, Jose Carlos Rodriguez, Pedro Joelvis Romero white, Boris Luis Triguero Barroso, and Ana Gabriela Valdez Suarez. US: Isabel Alfonso, Aidan Bach, Beryl Brachman, Tiona Brunson, Hannah Cruz, Artur Da Silva, Jocelyn Dimaya, Robert Harold, Carmina Escobar, Elizabeth Geocaris, Jessica Gregory, Lydia Hicks, Gabriel Jimenez, Amber Jones, Emily Lacy, William Lawrence, Marco Lukini, Aubree Lynn, Paige McGee, Tyree Marshall, Moriah Martel, Abygail Merlino,Glexis Novoa, Tanya Orellana, Sophia Pietrkowski, Tanner Poledňák, Madeline Quint, Joshua Rivas, Caleb Roitz, Evelyn Serrano, Sidney Schafer, Shaina Lynn Simmons, Neha Sobti, Sayda Trujillo, Carolina Vargas, Elizabeth Webb, and Melis Nur Yoruk.

El acercamiento / THE APPROACH is a groundbreaking multimedia transnational That project investigates the past, present and possible futures of Cuba-U.S. relations. In Havana, the current process of normalization of relations Between Cuba and the United States is termed "approach" the slow and cautious act of getting closer. Professional artists and arts students from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Los Angeles, and National Academy of Arts San Alejandro in Havana, will Develop Proposals for an approach Between our two country clubs in the form of urban interventions, performative actions, sound, and visual arts That will begin to give shape to a multiplicity of potential futures. The project challenges participating artists and audiences to insert Themselves in the process of visioning and enacting of These futures.