Glexis Novoa

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Grant Program Recipient 2013

Sarah Amos, Enosburg Falls, VT, Adam Bateman, Salt Lake City, UT, Kajahl Benes, Brooklyn, NY, Carolyn Castaño, Los Angeles, CA, Loring Cornish, Baltimore, MD, Jane Dickson, New York, NY, Gaela Erwin, Louisville, KY, Amy Feldman, Brooklyn, NY, Benin Ford, Brooklyn, NY, Heather Hart, Brooklyn, NY, Alicia Henry, Nashville, TN, Robert Hodge, Houston, TX, Maria Hupfield, Brooklyn, NY, Fay Jones, Seattle, WA, Jennie C. Jones, Brooklyn, NY, Shana Kaplow, St. Paul, MN, Lavar Munroe, Germantown, MD, Glexis Novoa, Miami, FL, Lamar Peterson, Minneapolis, MN, Robert A. Pruitt, Houston, TX, Amanda Ross-Ho, Los Angeles, CA, Amy Sherald, Baltimore, MD, Sean Shim-Boyle, Los Angeles, CA, Kate Teale, Brooklyn, NY & Xiaoze Xie, Palo Alto, CA.

The Painters and Sculptors Grant Program was established in 1993 to acknowledge painters and sculptors creating work of exceptional quality through unrestricted career support. The first year of grants was awarded in 1994 and the Foundation has funded individual artists annually since that time.

The Foundation currently awards $25,000 to twenty-five artists through a nomination process. Nominators from across the country are invited to recommend artists, at any stage in their career, who are currently under-recognized for their creative achievements, and whose practice would significantly benefit from the grant. In an anonymous process, a jury panel then selects the twenty-five awardees. Nominators and jurors include prominent visual artists, curators, and art educators who are dedicated to supporting artists.