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Arte ≠ Vida surveys, for the first time, the vast range of performative actions created over the last four decades by Latinos working in the United States, as well as artists working in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Central and South America. The exhibition was acclaimed by Roberta Smith in The New York Times: "This ethereal exhibition . . . represents a quantum leap in knowledge about Conceptual or nonobjective art in Latin America . . . it delivers on all counts." While the exhibition included over 100 artists, and established a chronology of key works by decades, the lavishly-illustrated, scholarly, bilingual resource publication allows emerging voices to address each region in depth. Arte ≠Vida’s catalogue has been praised by John Perreault in Artopia: “Just as Alexandra Munroe's book Japanese Art After 1945: Scream Against the Sky filled in the Japanese performative-art gap, Arte ≠ Vida will do the same for Latin American art.. . I advise you to order it now.” This exhibition was a recipient of a 2006 Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award and is currently traveling on an international tour through Spring 2011.